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    I just purchased a Sony Internet Player for Google TV NSZ-GS7 the other day and love it so far. When I purchased it from Best Buy the sales guy told me, this was the top device out there. Plus since it utilized the Google Play Sore it had endless amounts of APPS available for it. I own a iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and a Droid X with lots of APP downloaded. When I got it all hooked up I was confused because it was VERY limited on APPs in the Google Play Store. When I go the Play Store I had nothing compared to what is available on my Droid X. If you own this device what good things are out there for downloading too make this device a better experience for me?

    Also, is there another site "NEWSGROUP" or discussion site for people that own this unit? Would love to be able to chit chat with ours about the unit and compare notes or ideas!

    Let me know what you know. Happy Holidays

    12-23-2012 04:55 PM
  2. lori martin's Avatar
    i just got one for Christmas myself and love it...yes it seems pretty limited on apps right now but think about the future when developers start seeing their popularity and increasing need for google tv apps instead of concentrating so much on phones and tablets....one app if you dont have already that you should get is TV Portal!!! it rocks for watching tv shows you miss or may not get...there are tonssss...old and new...and movies too...its free but worth the upgrade...its only 99 cents right now...get avia media player to go with it...also free...you wont regret it!!!...redux seems cool so far...crackle too...for music i found 8tracks the best so far...google music doesnt work for me...8tracks so far has been the only one that lets me play music and surf or play games and it actually stays on in the background...hope this helps and you like the apps!!
    12-29-2012 05:27 PM

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