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    Can anyone confirm that the Revue will play video files stored on a computer or NAS device? I can't imagine it not being able to either right away or with an update, but I can't find much info on this.

    The best I've found is on the Revue help site:
    Revue Customer Care-Answers

    What media formats are supported on Logitech Media Player?

    The Logitech Media Player supports many different file types, including:

    Music: AAC (.aac), FLAC (.flac), MP3 (.mp3), OGG (.ogg),WMA (.wma)
    Photos: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), BMP (.bmp) PNG (.png), TIFF (.tiff)
    Videos: WMV (VC-1) (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV (VC-1) + WMA (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV + WMA (.avi), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.avi),
    Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mp4), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mt2s .mt2), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + AAC (.avi), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + MP3 (.avi)

    NOTE: Some video formats will not work with the Logitech Media Player.
    Ideally, it would be able to browse Windows file shares and play/display photos, videos, and music.
    10-07-2010 11:02 AM
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    Duh, right on the bottom of the page I linked above:
    Revue Customer Care-Answers
    How do I play videos on my Logitech Media Player for Revue?

    To watch a video using Logitech Media player:

    1. From the Google TV Home screen, go to Applications > Logitech Media player.
    2. From the Networked sources or USB sources list, select the media server you want to access.
    3. Navigate to and select the video folder from your server.
    4. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the video you want and press OK to play.

    Note: To search for a video, press the search key on the Keyboard Controller and enter a key word from the title of the video you are looking for.
    10-07-2010 11:07 AM
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    10-07-2010 11:09 AM