1. myalover's Avatar
    Bought it at Best Buy and got the 40" version. I also just ordered DirecTV today as well since I currently only have cable (and it looked to play with DirecTV just fine). Initial impression is, WOW, that took forever to get going. There was approximately 20 minutes of updating done before I entered the set up. From there it scanned my cable for almost 30 minutes.

    So far so good. I wish the TV was 120 hz but it looks pretty good. Not a top end display though. I don't think I'll see a full use until I have DirecTV, but my next experiment is to check the streaming capabilities from my computer. I shall report back.
    10-26-2010 07:59 PM
  2. simplygoogletv's Avatar
    I've watched a bunch of stuff streamed from my NAS over DLNA and it has worked well. Hope your's is a success as well!
    10-27-2010 04:24 PM