11-01-2010 09:46 AM
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  1. ErikE's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to having the ability to watch hulu, youtube, netflix, vimeo on my TV as well as have a legit web browser so that i can minimize the number of screens glowing at me
    10-28-2010 07:25 PM
  2. TechAd's Avatar
    Android Apps on my TV
    10-28-2010 07:29 PM
  3. icecoolfsu's Avatar
    APPPS!! I look forward to being able to simultaneously update my Facebook status on my phone while poking my friends on my TV.
    10-28-2010 07:30 PM
  4. CurvyCocoa's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to not being held hostage by cable AND satellite companies. It seems like they're taking away popular channels daily, and I'm sick of being beholden to them! SAVE US GOOGLE!
    10-28-2010 07:30 PM
  5. navbains's Avatar
    looking forward to streaming tv shows from web on a big screen
    10-28-2010 07:34 PM
  6. easy1jay's Avatar
    I'd watch TV on it!
    10-28-2010 07:36 PM
  7. kismet769's Avatar
    Downloading and streaming movies and tv shows rocks! This will make it that much easier
    10-28-2010 07:37 PM
  8. ethan's Avatar
    The most exciting thing is being able to surf the net on a TV! Youtube + TV = excellence.
    10-28-2010 07:38 PM
  9. stibuki's Avatar
    Whats not to like, it's all good but free would make it even better
    10-28-2010 07:39 PM
  10. 1jklange's Avatar
    Google is as good as it gets.
    10-28-2010 07:39 PM
  11. CharlieBrown1187's Avatar
    Then I will be one step closer to complete geek paradise! Next gingerbread pillows for the couch.
    10-28-2010 07:40 PM
  12. Noob#AC's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to getting Googley with it
    10-28-2010 07:44 PM
  13. cashrox's Avatar
    Netflix easily on my TV without having to move my computer. Second most looking forward to Hulu... whenever someone figures out how to do that
    10-28-2010 07:46 PM
  14. bsig223's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to using the internet for my tv shows...like i tend to do already (hulu ftw!)
    10-28-2010 07:47 PM
  15. retnuh's Avatar
    It's the latest technology! What's not to love?
    10-28-2010 07:48 PM
  16. Pre24's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to adding to my Android (Google) army!
    10-28-2010 07:48 PM
  17. jmorosky's Avatar
    The best thing about this product is everything on one screen no more switching from Wii to tv.

    Sent from DInc. using Tapatalk
    10-28-2010 07:50 PM
  18. mZimm's Avatar
    College life isn't conducive to watching shows when they air...or for paying cable bills. Google TV could revolutionize my life...or just make watching streaming videos on my TV a heck of a lot easier for me. Either way, I want one.
    10-28-2010 07:50 PM
  19. Emurda757's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to see all that I dreamed a TV to be
    10-28-2010 07:52 PM
  20. Ender0715's Avatar

    I want to get a hold of one of these to play with the Android Remote app on my DX... Not a big Broadcast or Cable TV watcher so being able to watch all my internet video from one box on my TV supported by Google is great... Its WebTV meets the real world and a little bit of George Jetson mixed in.... Cant Wait...
    10-28-2010 07:53 PM
  21. kkeo's Avatar
    Looking forward to watching some google tv and using some apps with my kids.
    10-28-2010 07:55 PM
  22. dontknow61's Avatar
    I am excited about the ability to be able to find a show that i want to watch. I am tired of that dumb TV guy and its endless scrolling. Plus using my cable remote to "search" is soo clunky.
    10-28-2010 07:57 PM
  23. Anaros's Avatar
    Read a kindle ebook and view 1000's of words at once.
    10-28-2010 07:57 PM
  24. jack376's Avatar
    Because $0 is better than $299.
    10-28-2010 07:58 PM
  25. darkprime's Avatar
    An ability to pull up IMDB when watching movies and tv shows
    10-28-2010 07:59 PM
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