11-01-2010 09:46 AM
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  1. longdrive34's Avatar
    I want a Google TV and the Revue so I can get rid of Windows Media Center.
    10-29-2010 09:38 PM
  2. URPREY's Avatar
    I want to run CyanogenMod on my Logitech Revue!
    10-29-2010 09:46 PM
  3. Radamand's Avatar
    writing apps!!
    10-29-2010 10:50 PM
  4. Mooney44Cards's Avatar
    Looking forward to tying in my mobile phone, television, home theater, and internet all in one!
    10-29-2010 10:51 PM
  5. d0nc0l0's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to root the Google Tv and show it off.
    10-29-2010 11:27 PM
  6. david1995's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to stream movies and watch whatever I want whenever I want.
    10-30-2010 05:38 AM
  7. pbsst7's Avatar
    will love the feature of being able to get rid of my cable bill!!!! Go Google!
    10-30-2010 07:21 AM
  8. kellybrf's Avatar
    i am looking forward to breaking free from cable easily. a tight integration with my phone would be fantastic as well
    10-30-2010 09:38 AM
  9. segevb's Avatar
    I would like to see how it is better than connecting my computer to the TV. And to see the free Hulu in it.
    10-30-2010 11:55 AM
  10. bus dr1v3r's Avatar
    I look forward to using the Galaxy Tab I just won as a remote for my TV. Also I look forward to maybe developing a couple games for it, as I think using my tablet as a game controller may be pretty sweet too!
    10-30-2010 12:33 PM
  11. chilehead's Avatar
    I want to write apps for my TV!
    10-30-2010 12:53 PM
  12. miguel4360's Avatar
    I am looking forward to being able to look for houses online with my family on the big screen so we can take the virtual tours, etc.
    10-30-2010 12:54 PM
  13. x.donna's Avatar
    Due to financial matters,I'm stuck on a very old/outdated BB 8100, I'm entering this contest, bc I desperately just wanna come back to android, I had the mytouch3g and the Motorola cliq xt; I still check android blogs religiously, on a daily basis! It just makes me miss android even more! Help!
    10-30-2010 01:09 PM
  14. R2-D2's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to the multitasking. Right now I have to either 1) go down stairs to use the computer and back up to watch the tele or 2) use my phone for the internet. With this I'll be able to watch and surf the FULL web. Yay, big G!
    10-30-2010 01:18 PM
  15. Elvaxim's Avatar
    I'm really looking forward to connecting my DishNetwork up to it and seeing how everything works together.
    10-30-2010 02:08 PM
  16. peace's Avatar
    I am a guy who is either on the go or work from home. While working from home, I would love to have Google TV so that I can work and entertain myself at the same time. This would make my work less stressfull and more fun. Please give me some Google TV!


    You read that right. We're giving away a Logitech Revue. All you have to do to enter to win is leave a post in this thread about what you're most looking forward to with Google TV. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. Oct. 31.

    Good luck! And while you're at it, poke around our Google TV forums and see what everybody else is saying about Google TV.
    10-30-2010 02:23 PM
  17. Ultr3chT's Avatar
    What I'm most looking forward to with Google TV is unleashing my TV to the power of google. Loading a custom ROM. Seeing the first internet on TV done right! All for 1 purchace fee.. *cough (TIVO) cough* 399 for lame DVR is not compareable to 299 of google awesomeness!

    I'm tired of the Comcast Motorola DVR, its boring and slow. Also I'm looking forward to extra DVR space.

    10-30-2010 02:50 PM
  18. jpsheridan's Avatar
    What I'm looking forward to; is the fact, that I don't have any kind of cable provider right now. I have gotten down to the point that there are really only 2 choices for me to go with but 1 is not available in my area yet. So that really leaves me with only 1 choice. However, I'm leary of even going with them. Google TV is an exciting idea for me to try. Yes I know its in it's beginning stages and all. But the potential for it is HUGE compared to others who have tried before. I like the fact that I will be able to choose what I want to do with it. I like that there will be applications you can download, different channels to subscribe to as well. This way I am not locked into paying a cable provider for channels I don't even watch. So in some aspects you can say it's TV I get to customize to what I want it to do. As this advances, sure there are going to be some serious changes that this first edition will need to be upgraded to newer equipment but I am looking forward to what it can do now.

    I actually have been investigating this since it was getting staged to be released. There are those out there that think it's kind of costly to purchase. But to me its in the way you look at it. The $300 that you pay is a 1 time fee and it's yours. You don't have to turn it in if you cancel the service and the device is still yours to use. Even if it's just for surfing the internet. Still a plus if you ask me..
    10-30-2010 04:31 PM
  19. swiftmac's Avatar
    Would love a revue!
    10-30-2010 04:49 PM
  20. campbelljs30's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to find an app to synch my phone computer and tv wirelessly
    10-30-2010 06:45 PM
  21. alpha752's Avatar
    I am looking most forward to not having to build a HTPC and switch inputs to get TV and web content on my TV.

    Thanks for having this contest!
    10-30-2010 07:27 PM
  22. Baldassar's Avatar
    I can't wait to watch my TV over the internet so I can tell the cable companies where they can put it.
    10-30-2010 08:08 PM
  23. wcdaniels's Avatar
    We were promised a merger of tv and internet over a decade ago; it was nothing to get excited about. Until now. A combination of high-speed internet, high-definition television, and google's might make this something awesome. I think I'm most looking forward to using tv like my phone: constantly switching to whatever I'm interested in
    10-30-2010 09:11 PM
  24. dreamdenizen's Avatar
    I can't wait to finally have a good HTPC for my TV!
    10-30-2010 09:16 PM
  25. kmills2's Avatar
    I use google for everything, phone, search, phone number, computer, etc. Next logical step is for google tv. If I don't win I might have to get apple tv because it's cheaper. So you better pick me... Just kidding. But really pick me
    10-30-2010 10:05 PM
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