1. rosser's Avatar
    What exactly does Google TV do? Is it like DVR? What does it do?
    12-15-2010 02:03 PM
  2. davidnc's Avatar
    This , Yup I googled it hahahaha

    What Is Google TV?
    12-16-2010 07:32 AM
  3. TXBlade#AC's Avatar
    Contrary to common misguided belief GoogleTV is not a “TV Provider” it a search aggregator when you search for something (Stargate for Example) it searches the program listing from your TV Provider but will also search youtube your DVR any attached media such as a media server and the Internet for related articles. It also has apps to view content such a Netflix, Amazon VOD and so on basically giving you and integrated internet / TV environment on a single channel.
    It’s no different than what can be done through a PC but I think Goggle has done a nice job on integrating the two world and once the networks realize this is not a threat to their business model but an opportunity it will become the norm
    12-16-2010 08:43 AM
  4. myalover's Avatar
    Well said TX.

    It's not meant to be a replacement for anything currently out there.
    12-16-2010 10:08 AM