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    Last month YouTube for Google TV vanished from the Play Store like a vampire slain by Lincoln himself, quietly fading from public view, seen only by those who had previously downloaded it and already knew of its existence. But like the immortal being that it is, YouTube has risen back from the dead. Not only that, it's stronger, having now received a relatively minor update to version 1.7.5.

    The update doesn't introduce much in the way of new features. There's no new interface, for example. Instead, we see customizable closed captions and improved stability.

    What's new:
    -- Customizable closed captions, with better support of remote control
    -- SafeSearch now respects system-wide settings
    -- Improved stability while playing Watch Later videos

    What really matters here is that the app is back, and Google still seems to care. Now is not yet the time for Google TV to go quietly into the night.
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    10-21-2016 01:44 AM
  2. nikothefox's Avatar
    have you downloaded the YouTube app for the Google TV platform? Does it work well? Also, what box did you try it on?
    11-06-2016 01:58 PM

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