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    Like JustinTV but hate navigating the site on GoogleTV? Me too! So this weekend I created Jugoolo.com a better way to browse JustinTV on GoogleTV. Try it out!

    Here are some hints for use:

    The feed is cached locally so every 5 minutes or so hit one of the menu buttons to reload
    The control pad works to move but using the trackpad and button works better (you'll see)
    There is a carousel at the bottom click on the arrows or use "up" to activate it
    As with browsing the mouse and button work better on the carousel

    I have not tested this on many size screens or GoogleTVs besides the Revue.... I am worried what happens on giant screens : ) Let me know what you think I can be reached at gamegiants (at) gmail.com

    Try it out!
    04-07-2011 01:34 AM