1. bobob5511's Avatar
    i just got my dish network hooked up and ran it through my sony google tv but i cant seem to figure out how to control the dish box with the IR blasters. i know you have to add the $4 charge if you want to integrate the DVR the the Google TV but shouldn't i be able to use the guide and channel buttons on the Google remote to control the DISH? help please! Also i love the PIP TV while i browse the web but is there a way to switch the internet to the small window?
    04-17-2011 02:44 PM
  2. myalover's Avatar
    To start off, I don't believe there is any way to swap the PIP source (even after the update that added some additional PIP function).

    As for your remote controlling your DISH receivers, you are correct. You should be able to control it. I don't have DISH, but here's what you should check:

    -Check the placement of your IR Blaster. It should be pointing to the front of your receiver.

    -Did you configure your GTV to work with your receiver in Settings>Video Input>Configured Devices?
    04-17-2011 05:46 PM