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    For those that don't know, Onhubs are essentially Google WiFi as of this week. There is a firmware update rolling out that unifies both products.

    I have 3 up and running, and while it is very early I am extremely impressed thus far.

    I am the target for Google Wifi. I have been struggling with WiFi since I moved into my house 6 years ago. The house is 1900 sq ft, so it is not really large but it is old construction with stucco walls (i.e. cement). The main dmarc/ internet access point in my house is in the middle of the house, and even with this blessing WiFi has been an nightmare. One of the biggest challenges is that on one of the far ends of the house, I have my home office which has demanding connectivity requirements. Over the years I have tried to stream from an ethernet NAS, with VoIP calling, with video streaming, big multi GB WLAN files transfer, you name it.
    My current setup is an Asus Ac1900 router with a Netgear 6150ex extender. The extender is set up to extend a 2.4ghz network, but backhaul to the Asus over the 5ghz band. This works okay, but I am forced to do resets weekly, latency can shift, gotomeeting VoIP sessions can drop, etc. Sometimes it works perfectly. Zero consistency.
    I installed 3x Onhubs today, one of which triggered the new firmware upgrade right out of the box. The others, I struggled with for a while but managed to get updates on. As of now, everything is mostly setup and has been working very well.
    I am on a 60 mbps ISP plan, and even in the dreaded office I get the full 60 mbps downstream connecting. I am connected to one of the meshed nodes at between 500-866 mbps in the office, and 866 mbps everywhere else according to my Pixel XL. There is no change in latency from being connected directly to the host node.
    I have found the app easy to use, and I have confirmed that I do switch from node to node easily and often. Right now my kids are both on their own iPads streaming HD Netflix and the network is stable, and I am still getting excellent throughput in the office. I have paused their Internet a couple of times, and this works as advertised. At 4 and 7 they are not huge fans of this feature!
    The app has been a little flakey, but this only lasted about 30 minutes and may have been on Googles network end. It did not show devices connected, and showed each of my additional meshed nodes offline at different times. Checking the actual physical devices themselves, and they proved to be working and online. Also, pausing internet connections chocked once or twice, but otherwise it has worked fine and is currently very responsive.
    We will see how things develop over the next couple of weeks. I am going to install a Cisco IP phone in the office tomorrow suing the Netgear extender as an AP, this is not a bandwidth hog but is very sensitive to latency and packet loss.
    I will check in again in a few days.
    12-06-2016 08:22 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    True! I installed the 3 pack, but also verified it works with the single one I had before for testing and that they work seamlessly with OnHub .
    12-06-2016 08:33 PM

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