1. DukeOfURL01's Avatar
    I have lots of gadgets. Tablets, phones, etc. I'm looking for a wall charger that will charge multiple devices (Prefer 4 or more) via USB, at the 2A speed, all at the same time. I have seen many devices that have many ports, but usually only 1 port is 2A, or the total is 2A, and that is divided by how many things are plugged in, etc. I can't find anything that charges everything at 2A, all at the same time. Anyone know of such a thing?
    02-02-2015 07:58 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    05-11-2015 03:27 PM
  3. mimran's Avatar
    May be you need to look into powerbank big chargers.
    11-30-2015 05:54 AM
  4. washiGaming's Avatar
    Just be careful you don't overload the socket. Last thing you want is to fry your equipment.
    01-13-2016 11:27 AM
  5. silenteffectsllc's Avatar
    That would be cool. Something more ergonomic and visually pleasing than a bulky powerstrip with cables everywhere.

    Edit: Looks like "Anker 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger PowerPort 4" on amazon would work. More than 2.1 available for each port
    02-13-2016 12:33 PM
  6. peroff's Avatar
    Thank you.
    03-02-2016 04:16 AM

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