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    I've searched many forums and found similar issues so I am making this thread. The internal memory on my tablet says full. I had performed a factory reset on it data many times and it still says full and it also seems like it resets every time the battery dies. It also won't shut down properly. It keeps loading. I can't download anything not even the terminal emulator. There is no option to download to SD card nor will it do it automatically. Please help!
    02-06-2015 07:35 PM
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    Killing the battery puts the hardware into an unknown state. Anything, including data corruption, can occur. (It also kills the battery in 6 months or so.) You should never let the battery get below 40%. (50% is the ideal charging point.) If you can't go that lo9ng between charges, carry an external battery pack or sit near a wall outlet. The battery doesn't care how long you need it to work, it cares how low you let the charge get.

    Corrupting data (and damaging storage hardware, which can also happen) could cause all your problems.

    As for the SD card, some apps allow you to specify where their data goes. Downloading with a browser is normally to the internal /Download folder, unless the browser you're using allows you to change it. Installing apps from the Play Store is fixed to internal memory.

    Bottom line - the tablet has to go to a repair shop. (BTW, storage isn't memory or RAM [Random Access Memory], it's more like the hard drive in a computer.)
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    02-06-2015 07:51 PM

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