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    Ok so I had a moto g 1st gen phone that fell to the ground... hard.. when I checked the screen it was black, however the touch screen and OS was working. I could tell as I could hear the numbers being pressed when I touched the screen and it was able to receive calls etc.

    Also when I pressed the unlock button I could see the backlight working, a white glow in the centre of the screen (at boot up) and a white vertical line running down the right side of the screen.

    So I went on ebay and got a replacement screen and carefully replaced the screens. When I turned on my phone I had pretty much the same issue, but worse. The screen was completely black when it was locked and unlocked (blacklight not working). The touch screen works though as I can again hear the buttons being pressed.

    So i took off the back cover of the phone and put pressure on the ribbon cable of the LCD screen and guess what, i got a display, a VERY dim flickering display, but a display nonetheless. I tested the OS and it worked perfectly but when i went to adjust the brightness it done nothing.

    Again i took apart the phone ensuring all connections were secure and taped down the ribbon cable but when i turned on the phone again there was no display again (even when putting pressure on the ribbon cable). The touch screen still works though.

    I may also add that the replacement screens ribbon cable looks much different to my original but according to the ebay advert it should work. Oh yeah, I also connected the old screen back and the backlight still works in it, just not in the new screen.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!
    04-12-2015 09:52 AM

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