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    Hey guys

    I bought edge plus on 22/9/15 and guess what battery life it's draining like nothing else in world mate. When iam browsing net I can see it draining fast more like faster than my old htc man it's new phone it's not supposed to do this I ordered it through Samsung website so what I wanna know is shall I just send it back ? Or wait for few charge cycles as it's new battery some people said it needs charging for few times blah blah blah ....iam confused what to do I just put screen brightness to max to drain it to 5% and now charging it to full just to see what % iam gone get out of it this time I will surely put brightness down and other stuff..or shall I send it back to Samsung? ?? Cut it drains like crazy nob head. Don't know how to upload screen shots here sorry about that

    Thank you
    09-23-2015 10:17 PM

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