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    The LDesign OTG adapter is ... an OTG adapter. (Just in case you don't know, OTG means On The Go and, in simple terms, it turns your phone from a USB client to a USB server.) But it's an OTG adapter with a couple of twists.

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    Most OTG adapters are a cable and 2 connectors, or a cable and 3 connectors, connected with a little rubber square. It's easy to bend one of the cables near the square enough to break wires in it and there goes one leg of your adapter. The LDesign cable starts with a solid plastic box. Sure, you can smash it with a hammer, but just throw it into your "go bag" and don't worry about it. (The cable plugs into its own USB jack - either one- so it's protected when traveling.)

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    Most OTG cables have a microUSB plug on one end, to plug into your phone, and a female USB-A (for the flat USB connectors) on the other. The LDesign has 2 female USB-A connectors in the box. (They're tight - careful the first time or two you plug a cable in, don't force it. It WILL go. Just be careful. These connectors will last a LONG time. And if you happen to be careless enough to put sideward pressure on the plug, you'll probably break the plug before you break the adapter. You can feel the quality.)

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    On the other end, the cable that plugs into the phone? It's a full-size USB-A plug, so you can plug it into a computer. Flip the cover (you can see that better on LDesign's Amazon page than in the picture), and it becomes a microUSB connector to plug into a phone. Clever. No adapter to lose. And it's also a solid connector.

    I had doubts that it would plug into my Note 3 in its Otterbox Defender case - the case is large and doesn't leave much room for the connector but, as you can see, it does. And it seats fully.

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    Do you use a wireless mouse? That won't work with your phone, right? No drivers? It does work with a Logitech unified receiver, the one used for Logitech keyboards and mice. So you can use your wireless keyboard and mouse in your phone too. (No, it doesn't make coffee or wash the dishes.)

    Okay, so it's an OTG cable that's designed and built better than most and it's only US$9. That's good. But, as the famous US TV commercial says, "Wait - there's more!" As you can see from the picture

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    there are two slots on the side. Do you want to use an external SD card with your phone - but almost no phones have SD card slots any more? These two slots on the adapter solve that problem for you. The larger slot takes a full size SD card or a microSD card in an adapter. The smaller slot takes a microSD card - bare, no adapter. (You can only use one at a time. If you plug cards into both slots, the microSD slot is ignored and the card in the full size slot is used.) An SD card USB adapter costs as much as this device. A 2-port OTG cable costs more. And you get them both in 1 small, better-quality, device for less money. It's at Micro USB/USB Cable OTG, LDesign 2 in 1 It comes in black or white for the same price.

    This gets the Rukbat seal of "get it now". Get a few - the box is just a bit large for a stocking, 4" X 6", but they make great stocking stuffers for the cellphone owners on your Christmas list (and who doesn't own a cellphone today?)

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    11-23-2015 10:14 PM
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    Great writeup!
    11-23-2015 10:49 PM

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