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    Okay I've been having some issues with app data and its syncing to my emails and everything else. Its in my phones. Keyword there is phoneS. And I started out with a galaxy s2 For T MobileProbably back in like 2008 maybe 2006 around that area In time.Anyway I was a AwayI guess you could say or locked up for About 4 years And when I got back home It seemed like androids and Putting new OS Systems On Your Android seem to be the newest biggest thing at the time least to me it was I was gone for long time.Anyway so I studied it up And I put Jedi mind trick on the galaxy s2.Which was absolutely sick Worked wonderfuly absolutely happy with it. Well Through my travels and all that good stuff I ended up doing a couple of factory resets andMy app data had synced so many times that I had multiple you know Google services Google Play services out of a kind of stuff well which filled up my ram data completely in my phone just kept crashingI go to scrap that phone. So I ended up having to use my girlfriends old Android Huawei Prism ll I mean she got it from Walmart through t-mobile For like 25 bucks yeah don't have any RAM data. so that phone crash out soon so iwent got a new Alcatel One touch fierce. Same issues and I've tried everything turning my sync off all of going through Google services I mean everything and I cannot get rid of that pesky *** app data and it keeps filling my damn RAM data though I mean it's doing on that now.Freezing shutting off on its own you know going into airplane mode on its ownTurning on accessibility On his own I mean all sorts of crazy s***Anybody got any suggestions or ideas cuz this is been about two year ordeal going on and I'm so sick and tired of having a s***** crappy phone that does not work
    12-22-2015 08:42 AM
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    Nothing. Nice.

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    12-22-2015 10:47 AM

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