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    Motorola Droid Turbo (v. 1) Ballasitic - I have a dead spot on the upper left hand corner of the screen, annoyingly right where a menu or "back" navigation button usually is in an app. I have confirmed this one spot is dead to the touch with a screen tester. When I turn my phone off and back on, it reactivates the spot for a time, then eventually it goes dead again. This phone is less than 2 weeks old...I just got my settings just the way I like them.

    I'm guessing the Verizon store will make me do a reset before swapping, but I just got my settings the way I like them and dread resetting/replacing. What is the best way to restore EVERYTHING?
    01-18-2016 12:30 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Assuming you have the phone set to backup system settings and app data to your Google account in Settings>Backup & Reset, much of that will automatically sync with the new device. Be aware, though, that not all 3rd party apps back up data to your Google account. Since the phone is so new, I would imagine that you haven't built up a ton of app data just yet.

    Google Play Store will remember what apps you've installed, and will automatically install them when you log into the new phone with the same Google account. Any data related to a Google app (like Google Drive, Google Contacts, etc.) will automatically sync to the new phone as well.

    Your homescreen setup won't carry over, though, so you'd have to set that back up again. I suggest making a sketch on a piece of paper so that you remember where you placed icons and widgets, so that you can re-create it on the new phone.
    01-18-2016 02:37 AM

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