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    I got this phone about a week ago as a replacement for my IPhone 6 Plus, so I'm not familiar with the operating system or general performance of Android phones, buty battery life has been pretty abysmal. I've tried all the tricks that normally worked for my IPhone (turning off location services, minimal screen brightness, micromanaging what apps are running) and I still struggle to make it more than 10 hours with pretty moderate use. I get that this isn't quite the same quality phone retailing at $500, but I still expect to comfortably make it through a day, preferably while actually enjoying the nice screen and features. So my question is essentially for anyone who has used this model: how's your battery life under normal conditions? Also, worth mentioning is the itemized battery menu in the settings, where it shows a graph of your power usage and a list of what different apps and features are using: the total is nowhere near 100%. For instance the total of all the items is 30% (with the screen taking up around 18%), but I only have 37% left. Like I said, I don't know if this is how Android normally represents battery usage or if it represents some sort of battery malfunction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Tanner
    01-25-2016 06:24 AM

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