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    Anker astro a7 Powerbank 26800 lots of pictures

    Anker astro El 26800 mha review

    Well, my friends we have surely come across a beast of a charger! It is big! It is heavy! It is all you need and then some! Perhaps one could argue that it may not be the best for everyday use, but we must realize that we no longer live in a world in which the majority of people only have one device, and even if you are only in possession of one device yourself, more than likely your friends and or family will be in need, and you can be the awesome person that is always there to lend an extra charging port!

    It is the perfect device for traveling! It has three USB ports, so if you ever find yourself needing to get a few devices charged in a short period of time, this device is perfect for you! Whether you are using the extra ports for yourself or your family, you will be amazed at how quickly the charge takes place, and how no problems or issues arise when using more than one, or even all of the USB ports at the same time. It works flawlessly!

    The tests I have done are as follows. I have been using only this charger for both my smart phone, my brother’s smart phone, and my tablet, and I will take note of how long the charges take individually and together, and how long the charges last within the individual devices. As far as heat is concerned, the device put out no more heat than one would generally expect from a standard one USB port charging device. After using the device to charge the two smart phones and the tablet, starting at zero in terms of battery amount in the individual units, and removing them once they were completely charged, it was discovered that there was no increase in temperature. The same amount of heat was produced with one device charging as it were with three devices. Not only was the heat barely noticeable, the device did not seem to have even the slightest bit of trouble with one device, or under the greater stress of charging three devices at once, the heat put off by the device always remained at a constant minimal temperature. Once finished with all of the tests, the data will be posted accordingly.

    Another brilliant aspect of this device is the ability to use it to charge your devices without the need of a wall socket. The device stores a charge while plugged into the wall, but can be removed and is still able to do a stellar job charging devices. I was able to use the device without it being plugged in for a few hours over three complete days, and during the three days I was able to charge my phone three times and my tablet twice…. All without the device being plugged into the socket! This ability comes in way handier than people would assume. Whether you are a person constantly on the go, and have no time to sit around near a socket, or whether you are simply a person that tends to misplace cords frequently, you will find the ability to charge your devices without sitting near a socket to be an absolute godsend!

    I could not recommend it more! An absolutely stellar device!


    Lg g flex 2 15 to 100 1h31

    Nvidia shield tablet k1 15 to 100* 2h13

    Lg g flex 2 15 to 100 1h27

    Plugged at the same time

    Lg g flex 2* 5 to 100* 1h 46m

    Nvidia shield tablet k1 15 to 100 2h16m

    LG g flex 2 5 to 70

    Can charger a lg g flex 2 330 percent

    Nvidia shield tablet k1 170 percentPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-20160420_215535_hdr.jpgPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-20160424_195055.jpgPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-20160424_200140.jpgPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-20160426_202908.jpgPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-20160429_002951.jpgPowerbank anker astro a7 26800 review-dsc_0064.jpg
    04-30-2016 01:10 PM

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