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    I was given this for testing and evaluation and this is my unbiased review:
    One may argue that having a car jumper in your car is not of dire importance. Most may say that they never have needed one in the past, so why would they ever need one in the future. Well, we all make mistakes, and having this device around when the time comes will feel like an absolute godsend, and you will feel brilliant for having the foresight to have purchased this particular device. Whether it be leaving your lights on and accidentally killing your battery, or showing the good Samaritan within you by helping your fellow man stuck on the side of the road. Having a car jumper of this quality will make you a hero to anyone in need whilst you are around. Even if you do not know how to operate the device yourself, most people do, and simply having the device with you will save you from at least a few headaches in the future.

    The Ravpower 1400mah is an absolute gem of a device. It is an incredibly reliable car battery jumper, and unlike most car jumping devices on the market, this one is not builky and frustrating to use. It is clearly evident that the design team did as much as they could to make this device as sleek as possible and easy to use. It even has its own flashlight. It is small and highly portable, and comes with a wall charger, car charger, 2 USB cables and the car jumper itself. All of this is carried in a small bag that is barely noticeable in the trunk of ones car, or under one of the seats within the cabin. You are going to absolutely love this device.

    In order to test this device I took this risk of allowing my battery to die four times over a four day period by leaving my lights on. Each subsequent day I would use the car jumper to jump the battery and each time it was successful on the first try. The device worked flawlessly.

    If you cannot tell already, I highly recommend this device. Not only is it easy to bring around with you, but it is so much more than your average car battery jumper. It accommodates the modern day traveler very well by providing not only a flashlight but it can also charge multiple phones at the same time. This device is a must have for anyone that uses their car often, especially when taking a long trip.

    Test cars

    Chevrolet Spark
    Mitsubishi Montero
    Isuzo Rodeo
    Lada Niva
    Honda Accord
    Ford escort
    Volkswagen Golf
    05-17-2016 02:48 PM

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