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    This hub is amazing!!!!! https://www.amazon.com/CHOETECH-Comp...cUvbUpU5582783

    It is perfect to organize and charge all of your devices in one spot and it charges it very fast. The hub seems super sturdy and well built. (You could club someone with it and cause some damage) It has a detachable power cord which is a plus for me. It makes it easier when you want to carry it,store it or travel. It also has a power switch to turn the power on and off right on the hub and it has a power indicator light. With some hubs the USB ports are so close together it is kind of hard to plug and unplug. This hub has them very spaced out. That is a good thing and one of the biggest drawbacks for some people. This thing is massive. I have some pics comparing it to a 6-port hub from the same company and a power strip. But besides the size everything else is perfect and I can not recommend this enough.
    Attached Thumbnails quick charge 3.0 Choetech 5-port usb charging hub-20161125_154150-1-.jpg   quick charge 3.0 Choetech 5-port usb charging hub-20161125_153648.jpg   quick charge 3.0 Choetech 5-port usb charging hub-20161127_105324.jpg   quick charge 3.0 Choetech 5-port usb charging hub-20161127_105339.jpg  
    11-28-2016 12:08 AM

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