1. savmandy's Avatar
    Ok, basically I've got Beats Solo HD headphones, and the volume buttons don't work. I knew that already. The thing is, there is very little information about how to make them work properly (and no, I'm not talking about headset controls that I have to click like, 6 times on the center button for it to work). Anyway, my question is: If I change the cable (not the headphones, of course) will it work on my SGS4? Or there is absolutely no solution for this problem?
    Thanks :)
    08-29-2013 02:57 PM
  2. BIGsinner's Avatar
    No, unfortunately changing the cable wont work. However I've seen (not tried) a solution online if you're willing to root your phone. As always, on any rooted phone, make sure your back up your data before installing any new app you're not familiar with.

    I actually came on here, because my Beats Solo headphones all of the sudden are giving me trouble this week.. When plugged into my phone, and running Spotify, I will attempt to listen to a song, and it randomly jumps to the next song on the playlist while in the middle of the song. It's not limited to Spotify either, I'll try watching a video on MX Player, and it will either randomly skip to the next video, or set off Google Voice....repeatedly. However, both apps run normally when the headphones are not plugged in.
    10-01-2013 05:48 PM

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