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    Ok so I'm a big fan of a site called Thrifter which is a Mobile Nations website for finding deals on things. And for Black Friday and the holiday season they had LOTS of deals. One of them was for these headphone which I got for my 13 year old niece. She LOVES headphones my brother told me, and I knew my parents (Granny and Poppop) were getting her an iPhone 7. So Bluetooth was in order.

    Ok I always, OK maybe not ALWAYS, but generally I do Amazon reviews of the products I buy. And this company even reached out to me to make sure I was happy and to ask me if I could do a review. So I told them it was a gift but I would check with "Katie" and then report back in my review what she thought of the headphones. So I go to do my review and stupid Amazon won't let me because I got too much of a discount, from the Thrifter deal!!!! LOL

    Anyways I wanted to give "Katie's" review here. She said the headphones were very comfortable on her ears, and were easy to adjust. She also LOVE that they had no wires, and could easily connect to her new iPhone. She thought the noise cancelling was "really cool". I asked her if she would buy them if she could, and she said she would!

    If you are interested, you'll find them here...


    And always check out Thrifer.com for the best deals on anything and everything! Just note you MAY not be able to make an Amazon Review! lol
    01-10-2018 08:19 PM

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