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    I've been using the iconx about 3 weeks. First the sound dropped drastically in the left earbud but after alot of research I found out it just clogged screen that you get 8 of to change. I changed it and everything was fine.
    A week later now the right bud clogged. I've washed my ears daily after the first clogging and wiped them of to prevent this from happening. But the screens I think is just to make them waterproof. But whatever I'm on the run and ripped the screen of for having music at the time. The screens are not going to last long if this happening all the time. I'm not exercising so I'm not really in need for the waterproof thing. So I am going to put a screen on it when I'm home again. But when they are all used im not going to buy new ones. Heard you can wash them and sometimes get them to work again. But if I **** in using them they wouldn't clogg right? It's nothing there to clogg. If I never wash my ears again for like 3 years I understand they will clogg. Should I worry? I dont know price for new screens but it cant be worth it if I use 2 a month... and dont sweat in them. Or drop them in water or something??
    Kind regards
    12-03-2018 06:01 AM

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