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    WIMM Labs is hosting a contest focusing exclusively on Health and Fitness Micro Apps!

    -A free WIMM One to anyone who submits a novel, sophisticated, stable app with thoughtful UI (see criteria below). (Disclaimer: If youve already received a free device from us, we cannot send you another so that we can share the love!)
    -$250 Amazon gift cards to the two best apps from this contest.

    Criteria: A winning Micro App should
    -focus on health care (patients, doctors, hospitals, medications, body data, remote care, etc.) or fitness (amateurs, professionals, training, competition, measurement, workout tracking, weight loss, diabetes control, etc.)
    -be unique
    -take a complicated problem and sophisticated features and make them seem simple, available at a glance.
    -solve a problem that LOTS of people experience. Please aim for large target audiences across multiple geographies.
    -run perfectly in the emulator, and (hopefully) smoothly on actual hardware.
    -incorporate Internet data and accelerometers to gain extra credit (Obviously, only useful to the goal of the app!)

    -Envision a micro experience that will improve general health and wellbeing. If you need or have ideas, see the Ideas forum.
    -Consult the WIMM Labs Micro App Guidelines to turn your idea into a stream-lined user interface that can deliver relevant data at a glance.
    -Download the WIMM SDK.
    -Build and test your app on the included emulator. (If you ask for Internet data, get an emulator cert from cert@wimm.com).
    -Submit your stable app here!
    -If you submit your app soon, we will provide feedback, which you can incorporate into a revision. Using this feedback is NOT cheating!

    -Contest runs from RIGHT NOW until Sunday, Feb 19th at 23:59 Pacific time.
    -We will judge your final app at the deadline, not intermediate attempts.

    See the WIMM Forums for more information on this contest: Contest for Health and Fitness Micro Apps! [1/19- 2/5] : WIMM Customer Service Team

    Happy coding!

    The WIMM Team
    02-01-2012 07:52 PM