1. bones10's Avatar
    What are you all doing to stay motivated. What will you do after Health and Fitness Month is over?
    02-06-2012 01:39 PM
  2. Joel S.'s Avatar
    Flex in the mirror...

    Seriously, being on my bike not only helps with my fitness level, it gives me a chance to just zone out in the music I'm listening to. There are times when I just want to sit on the couch, so I've had to drag myself off the couch, but once I'm in the swing of it, I'd rather be riding than not.

    I've been riding regularly since before the month, so nothing's gonna change for me.
    02-06-2012 04:20 PM
  3. JediJesus95's Avatar
    I've been running for the last couple of years so nothing will change at the end of the month. My motivation is to try and run more miles every year.
    02-07-2012 12:13 AM
  4. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I just started running 3 weeks ago. My wife has a treadmill and I have an elliptical and I just decided to give running a try and I'm kinda liking it. Last week I got off the treadmill and started running outside which this time of the year can be difficult in Michigan but was more enjoyable and the time passed by faster. My plan is to run a least 5 days a week and now I just need to stay motivated and hope to do so by looking in the mirror. If I could lose 10 to 20 lbs and just keep it off I would be very happy.
    02-07-2012 10:37 AM
  5. romeytang's Avatar
    What had got me started was just finally deciding that I needed to start doing better at taking care of my self. I started eating better and when that wasn't doing as much after a while I decided I needed to start doing more.

    While only being able to fit some exercise into each morning its still better than not doing anything. I've been alternating workouts on my arms,core and legs each day to keep my body guessing.

    What got me to stay motivated was the contests at mobile nations tbh. I started following and updating my progress in the fitness forum on webosnation. As an avid webOS fan too I enjoyed the community there sharing there experiences and tips. The idea of getting fit and maybe winning some tech just is icing on the cake, which I am trying not to eat now :-)

    The looks my girlfriend gives me is definitely motivation to keep going too ;-)
    02-21-2012 09:26 PM
  6. belniente's Avatar
    I'd love to hear more about how people are motivating themselves! That seems like the hardest part of all, to me.

    As it is, I've been having a hard time with motivation for exercise. Grad school is rockin me hard, and my boyfriend's schedule is pretty tight but we're trying to work out together. Our only time to really work out is in the mornings... but I HATE mornings. I can't figure out how to get myself to stop hitting snooze! I look in the mirror and see the things I want to change, and I feel a little guilty that I'm not doing more, but some days I just can't push past it.

    I saw on another website something they called "The 5-minute rule," where you can whine as much as you like but you force yourself to start exercising and do it for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, if you still don't feel you're up to it today, then you can stop knowing that you tried and still be proud that you did that. I think that'd be a great motivator for me; instead of feeling down on myself for not even trying, at least I'll feel like I tried, and then that bit of pride I gain will push me to try again the next day, until I can do the whole 30-45 minutes or what have you.

    For the diet changes I've made, I've actually been doing really well with staying motivated to stick to that. I think it's thanks to the "free day" once a week, lol. Since I started by branching off from the "Body for Life" diet plan, I went with the 6 days of dedicated healthy eating, 1 day free idea, and it's really working for me. The free day is a great reward for sticking with it all week.
    02-21-2012 09:34 PM
  7. mtech#WN's Avatar
    The Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge is what is motivating me! I do P90X six days a week, 2 ViSalus shakes a day, and love it!
    02-21-2012 09:40 PM
  8. bdfull3r's Avatar
    Motivation is hard as hell to get up every day. Staying healthy and getting into shape doesn't have an instant reward, in a world of now now now its hard to stay positive on something that is a gradual change
    02-21-2012 11:37 PM
  9. snakeoil's Avatar
    I just posted my first post in this forum a few minutes ago, I thought I'd chime in on the motivation thing. What I do is simple:

    1. Sign up for a race.
    2. Tell people about it.
    3. Train for it.

    Signing up for the race commits money and gives me a tangible goal. Telling people about it means that I have to do it or look like a quitter. Plus, I can usually rope someone into a challenge, or agree to run it all the way through with someone.

    And if you get bored with road running like me, there are hundreds of cool obstacle races (like the Warrior Dash and Spartan Race), Urban Adventure Races (think the Amazing Race in your town), and even trial races. Find one thats 2-3 months out and you have an instant goal.
    02-22-2012 12:41 AM
  10. aaron1981's Avatar
    Great topic! I started exercising regularly and eating better a little over a year ago, after a lifetime of neglecting both left me overweight and with bad cholesterol. I've still been going strong even after reaching my major goals several months ago.

    Main motivators:
    1. Don't do it alone! Most important thing for me. I go to classes at the gym regularly which gives me a set time to stick to and people who I look forward to working out with. Doing this with a significant other at home also makes a big difference if you're not a gym person - our at home weapon of choice was Jillian Michaels videos (yes I'm a guy and I still got rocked by these and have gotten stronger).

    2. Have specific goals and track! For me getting on the scale every day and having my cholesterol checked every few months gave me very specific motivation to do the right things to make a positive impact each day. And once the results started showing up that was where it became less of a daily battle.

    3. Make changes that will fit your life. If you try to diet or exercise in a way that you can't embrace long term, you won't stick with it. And once you fall out of a routine you probably will go right back where you started. Again, even though I have hit my goals I enjoy the discipline and activities I have made a part of my lifestyle and have no plans to stop.

    And last comment, it doesn't necessarily become automatic. Even a year later I have to make specific time to break out of whatever I am doing to exercise and that's always something I need to carve out time for on a given day. What gets easier is the process of convincing myself that it's worth it to do so after having stuck with it and settling into a sustainable routine.
    02-22-2012 01:19 AM
  11. rickof956's Avatar
    I move from my home town to a bigger city with old friends that need help starting to work out and less play games and get bigger so I after the month is over I still got my buddys to keep me motivated and make them lose a few lbs Lmfao but I know Ima changing for good
    02-22-2012 01:32 AM
  12. daniel2744's Avatar
    Its hard to stay motivated. I used to workout but school and work got me to stop but just two weeks ago I changed to 24 hr fitness so I can go anytime to workout and have no excuse. I have gone at least 9 times out of the last 13 days and I'm so glad. Now I just need to focus and get some results!!!!
    02-22-2012 03:13 AM
  13. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    I broke my foot in November and just got clearance to exercise, etc. on it. Was doing PT 2x a week.
    Last year I dropped 45 lbs in 5 months and this year working 6:30- 5:00 M-R and F 6:30-1 who has time?
    I used to go to the gym 3x a week but loosing so much weight so fast and not staying hydrated I had a kidney stone.

    NOT FUN!

    Coaching two baseball teams this spring so even though there toddlers I will be able to start easing back into it.
    02-22-2012 03:55 AM
  14. pstellato73's Avatar
    My biggest problem is getting started. I wake up at 5:30am every day just to get to work on time. I don't get home until 8pm and I am tired and hungry. I tried about 4 times since January 1, but i always seem to fail. Now that the weather is getting a little nicer, I think I may try to walk at night, just to get started and maybe that will spark something. unfortunately I don't have someone to do it with. That would probably keep me going. Baby steps, right?
    02-22-2012 07:29 AM