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    OK, so I'm joining the AndroidCentral forums towards the end of this mobile fitness month. I should have started paying attention sooner. But I left the Blackberry (Crackberry) world as of 1/23 and am the owner of a Droid Razr now, so cut me some slack.

    I don't know what MNFM is exactly, or who this guy Phil is that's talking about it (is he the AndroidCentral version of CrackBerry Kevin?). I noted some Endomondo users here posting their stuff, which is great! But I felt compelled to chime in, and here is why:

    In one years time, I went from completely sedentary to pretty fit. Fit enough to complete the 8mi Spartan Race (SPARTAN RACE | Super Spartan obstacle course race in Glen Rose Texas), which was a total awesome beatdown. And I did so with the help of a few a couple of awesome apps. And since I started that journey, I can't help but talk about how I did it.

    That, and Phil just posted something about people posting here getting entered in a drawing for a free tablet.

    Quick background: I was a computer programmer for 5 years following college. Then I went and became a police officer. The academy put me in good shape, but then I let it all go until last January. At 35 I decided to try and turn back the clock to my old soccer playing days.

    I recommend running. Its great cardio work, which will help you lose weight, and it has a low bar of entry because you don't have to spend a lot of money.

    Here is how I did it, and I would recommend you follow the same routine:

    1. Before you start anything, take before and after pictures. And measure your body - biceps, chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. If you consult with a doctor (and you probably should), see if they can't recommend some place to do the whole bodyfat percentage calculation for you. I didn't do any of these things, and I should have, and I kick myself now.
    2. Sign up for a race. Of any kind. What? You aren't even fit? I couldn't run 100 yards without being winded, but I signed up for the Warrior Dash (Warrior Dash | Home) because it sounded like fun. I did so in January, and the race was at the end of March, and all I wanted to do was finish. And its very important to have a short term, tangible, achievable goal to give you something to strive for. Challenge a friend or family member to do it with you, competition works! Anyway, the dash was a 5k distance, so...
    3. I downloaded Couch To 5k for the iPhone, because I had an old one without a SIM card that I had jailbroken to be a iPod touch. The app is now called Ease into 5K, and its in the Android Market too! It uses the ubiquitous Couch to 5k running plan to train you to be able to run (or jog as some people call it) for 30 minutes straight. I did a lot of treadmill work, but I believe the Android version has GPS available for it. I finished the plan right in time to run the Warrior Dash.
    4. Run the race. Get your medal, buy the picture.
    5. Measure yourself again. See the marked improvement. Obviously, you will do this a lot during the training, but use the post-race as a good point to take the pictures and drop a bit of money on getting the bodyfat percentage done.
    6. Pick a new race. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I do barefoot and minimal shoe running, but that's a post for a different time. But its a great way to get started running without spending money on shoes!

    After that, I did the whole Beachbody Insanity workout to continue to lean out, and I then began running using Runtastic to track my runs. I also got a Polar FT60 fitness watch, and I'm considering moving to MapMyRun, because I hear the Polar watch will upload workouts to it.

    For crosstraining I've adopted a functional fit workout routine., because I love obstacle racing and I want to be all around fit. There is a mad genius of a fitness guy I follow here:

    Kemme Fitness

    I'm in the middle of running through K-Fit, which is the 12 week "intro" to functional fitness. Its a free PDF that you can download.

    So, to recap:

    1. Measure yourself.
    2. Sign up for a 5k-ish race.
    3. Use Ease into 5k to get ready for the race.
    4. Run the race.
    5. Measure again.
    6. Pick a new race, and set a new goal.

    You will be surprised about the progress you will make once you start doing something.

    I have a periodically updated blog where I wrote a lot about the process here:

    Shane's Brain Drain

    I wrote about injuries, the apps, etc. And squirrels.

    My barefoot journey is chronicled a bit here:

    The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy: Fan Friday: Shane Wickson, Police Officer By Day, Barefoot Runner By Night

    I will monitor this thread, I'm no guru by any stretch, but if I can be of help I will.


    DISCLAIMER: I am no doctor. Consult one or a licensed person before you do anything crazy. I'm not responsible for your choices in life! There are a million idiots posting things on the Internet every day, and I may be one of them.
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