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    [What is it?]
    Can you imagine an app can test your breathing rate? Breath Health Tester appears! It can help users test the breathing rate, degree of evenness of breathing and also calculate the estimated heart rate.

    [How does it work?]
    The principle of this app is based on the air flow produced when breathing out. Users should keep the microphone closed to nose and then when breathing out, the air flow will reach to mic and make big sound. When breathing in, since there is no air flow out, the mic will receive little sound.

    [How to use it?]
    In order to reach to the accurate result, users should follow these steps. Step 1: before starting the app, find a silent place. Step 2: Keep the phone close to your nose, make sure the air flow can reach to the mic. Step 3: press start button, and begin to test. Since the respiratory rate may vary according to the different states such as running, sleeping, the standard we choose is the calm state. So be sure to keep calm before testing.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    03-11-2012 09:50 PM