1. leoncuprar's Avatar

    First post on here and am only 7 days into ownership of my galaxy s3. So I tried endomondo free app for a few days and liked it so followed the links in the app to "go pro"

    Installed the pro version ok. When I start it , it comes up with the screen asking me to login
    but then whatever I do I just get "Unfortunately Endomondo PRO has stopped"

    So where did I go wrong? Should I have uninstalled the free version first before putting PRO on..

    How do I fix it now? Can I just install it and re-download it again?

    This is the first app I've bought so was hoping it would work!

    08-03-2012 04:54 AM
  2. JediJesus95's Avatar
    I would uninstall both and then just re download and install the Pro version by itself. I don't think they would conflict with each other but maybe they do.
    08-04-2012 11:00 PM