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    This software provides the following benefits:
    1) Regulus obstetrician, inserting the date of the last cycle, computes the main date of pregnancy such as conepimento, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, beginning pluripara movements and primipara, probable birth, day and week
    month of pregnancy
    Pregnancy month x 2) month offers a range of detailed information concerning the various months of pregnancy with some pictures.
    3) weight management during pregnancy, calculate your BMI (body mass index) Pre-pregnancy and depending on your value indicates the amount of optimal libbre to take during pregnancy. Offers in more than a week x week of your optimal weight during pregnancy.
    4 Chinese Calendar), is based on a table found on the web, it would seem, an old Chinese document that was used to predict the sex of the unborn child, simply by entering the mother's age and the month of conception.
    5) phases of the moon — a sepmlice lunar calendar year 2011 2012 2013 2014.
    6) possibility to store their data and have a countdown of the presumed date of childbirth.
    7) Case of pregnancy where is anything to put in the suitcase of pregnancy with the possibility to delete what has been already tagged.

    This application has been developed with app inventor, all information has been taken from the web. To use this application DOES NOT require an internet connection.

    It's like your contribution to correct and improve the content and quality, by sending advice or any errors encountered while adding as much information as possible.



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