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    Have you recently quit smoking, or been wanting to quit? Kwit is exactly what you need!
    This app uses game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to encourage people to quit smoking.

    Here is a brief description of the app:

    Users climb levels and ranks and must try to become the Ultimate Kwitter. They have access to useful statistics such as the time passed since they've stopped smoking, the money they've saved and the number of cigarettes they haven't smoked. They can monitor these statistics in live.

    There is also 60 achievements for them to unlock and, in addition, some of them will inform users about the benefits of stopping smoking for their body and their well-being.
    Then, they'll be able to share their progress with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

    Finally, users can shake their device to draw a motivational card (40 different cards available) when craving for a cigarette is coming. You'll have a tip to avoid it and to feel better.

    Website: {Kwit}
    The Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...id=fr.kwit.app
    App is currently sold at 0.99$ as a launch price.

    Feel free to provide your feedback and share!

    Thanks a lot!

    Here are some screenshots:
    Attached Thumbnails Kwit - quit smoking is a game-profile.png   Kwit - quit smoking is a game-kwitter.png   Kwit - quit smoking is a game-achievements.png   Kwit - quit smoking is a game-motivation1.png  
    11-13-2012 08:48 PM
  2. n0thinc's Avatar

    I've just prepared a press release you can access here: http://kwit.fr/presss/kwit_android_pr.pdf
    11-25-2012 05:15 PM

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