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    Pooch To 5K is the best application for any beginner runner and his pooch companion to get ready for a 5K. This program will allow users to slowly build strength and stamina of your self and your dog by alternating between walking and running for short periods of time that slowly increase over the course of the program. In only 12 weeks you and your dog will be ready for your first 5K and feel better and healthier than you ever did.

    The program follows the Pooch To 5K schedule found on Pooch to 5k.

    - Bright and easy to use interface.
    - Background mode which allows you to have any other app open including music apps.
    - Gradual 12 week program to get you and your dog running a 5k.
    - Only 3 times a week with plenty of time between days for your and your dog's muscles to rest and heal.
    - Convenient audio and/or vibration alerts between every interval.
    - Easy to use skip/pause functionality.
    - Works accurately while your device is locked.

    Free Version:
    Google Play Store!

    Ad-free Version:
    Google Play Store!

    07-28-2013 04:45 PM

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