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    We at Apollo Hospitals have designed this Emergency 24x7 app for Android to help you in an emergency situation. This application helps you reach out to your near ones with the click of a button. It also helps you locate the closest medical services like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.

    You can add the Emergency 24x7 widget to your home screen as well so that you are just a click away from situations that are uncalled for.

    Add your guardians and send them SOS messages in case of distress. You can also add hospitals, clinics, chemist stores etc to your list of favorites for easy access.

    This free app includes:

    • Adding Guardians
    • SMS or Calling Guardians
    • Siren that rings out loud in case of emergency
    • Nearby Service Locator (List and Map View)
    • Calling Hospitals or other medical centre
    • Finding directions to reach the medical centre
    • Calling Rescue Services
    • Managing Favorites
    • Adding details of a medical centre to your phone book
    • Access to help guides for first aid

    You can download Emergency 24x7 from the Google Play Store -


    Use the QR Code below:

    Emergency 24x7 - Your Personal Safety App-qr-code-emergency-24x7.png.jpg
    10-10-2013 01:11 AM

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