04-27-2016 08:02 AM
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  1. Anton Tkachenko's Avatar
    I use Runtastic, but I strongly suggest you try at least 5 apps before you finally choose one. The setting really differ from app to app
    10-03-2015 02:12 PM
  2. OnlyGames's Avatar
    I'm using RunKeeper now
    ol_jackburton likes this.
    10-07-2015 05:09 AM
  3. Faiz5's Avatar
    my fav app was very awesome ,talking about gps tracker feature. i forgot the name right now but i will share here in future
    03-01-2016 01:40 AM
  4. Melger_1's Avatar
    this year launched any other running app?
    03-09-2016 02:10 AM
  5. GOLD APPS's Avatar
    having been trying on Endomondo recently. easy to go
    03-23-2016 12:42 AM
  6. tripsnirvana's Avatar
    RunKeeper is my favorite app to track my running activity
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    03-28-2016 01:07 PM
  7. DeepThought43's Avatar
    Do you know if any of them have an "off" button? I've tried two now, and they both burn up a lot of battery power even when not being used (which is most of the time). I can manually turn off the GPS system and "Force Stop" the program from Android, but they both still burned 14-25% of my battery consumption. Neither had an "off" button to completely kill them, short of just uninstalling them.
    04-13-2016 04:03 PM
  8. Miles Kennefick's Avatar
    Endomondo is great. Low power mode, works with Gear Fit, and provides a lot of feedback that can help anyone from a beginner to a serious runner. I've used it for marathon training and racing and had very few issues.
    04-13-2016 04:09 PM
  9. DeepThought43's Avatar
    And does it have an "off" button to consume zero power when I'm not using it?
    04-13-2016 04:22 PM
  10. Miles Kennefick's Avatar
    Do any apps have that?
    04-13-2016 05:20 PM
  11. DeepThought43's Avatar
    You've struck upon the very question I asked in the first place.

    Apps that don't do GPS tracking generally shut down completely when not in use, or have actual "Off" buttons. So far I haven't found a distance tracker that does.
    04-13-2016 05:42 PM
  12. Miles Kennefick's Avatar
    Endomondo only accesses the GPS when you're recording a run as far as I know.
    04-13-2016 06:28 PM
  13. SigKill's Avatar
    Endomondo easy and complete
    04-27-2016 08:02 AM
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