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    Are you struggling with your fitness goals? Well, you are not alone, a lot of us grapple with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to a simple fitness routine is extremely difficult, however a fitness startup thinks they have just the right solution for this problem.

    Kaa-Yaa is a fitness startup, which operates with a motto of “making fitness a priority. Rahul Yadav, it’s founder projects it as a fitness buddy that nudges you to get yourself moving.

    Most of the fitness journeys end before they even start, as most of us start off with wrong exercises and do not get results. This demotivates us and eventually we give up.

    A lot of people just waste their time in the gym performing useless exercises, Rahul says. He gives an example of how beginners waste their time performing bicep curls and can make better use of their time performing compound exercises such as bench press or squats. Kaa-Yaa provides workouts predesigned for different fitness goals, so that you get best results for the time you spend working out. You have the option of both home workouts with no equipment or gym workouts.

    Even the best-designed program however will only provide results when performed consistently. Kaa-Yaa app is designed to help you stick to your program. You will get timely notifications from the app reminding you about your workouts. The app also nudges you by making you take a pledge of working out. Psychological research has shown that you are three times more likely to do a certain thing if you take a pledge of doing it. If things still don’t work for you then you have an option to commit a dollar amount for every missed workout.

    The app is fairly easy to use with audio instructions and can be operated through a locked screen. For anyone who has a busy life and struggles to stick to their fitness program, Kaa-Yaa is definitely a great tool to keep.

    Take a tour :

    Download our Fitness App https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....kaayaa.kaayaa
    04-06-2018 05:07 AM

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