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    Help with this one appreciated, please. Phone is Huawei Honor 4a, SCL-AL00, Qualcomm. It was delivered loaded with Chinese bloatware and no access to Google infrastructure. I rooted it with Kingroot after unlocking the bootloader using DC Unlocker. I then flashed a recovery image for the phone from Cyanogenmod, using fastboot . I prepared the Cyanogenmod ROMs and the Google bits on an SC card, ready to go. I rebooted the phone a couple of times using fastboot reboot, then tried to access the recovery mode using power+volumeup keys and it went straight into Fastboot&Rescue mode. It now will connect to fastboot but is not recognized by adb. I can flash to it (I tried a couple of alternative recovery images and they flashed ok, but made no difference). The question is - how do I get the phone to boot normally? I have tried manual reboots using different key combos, I have removed the battery, left it for 24 hours and retried. I have googled this and there seem to be plenty of examples of it happening, but none properly resolved on various forums.
    02-07-2016 03:41 PM

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