1. lumivalo's Avatar
    The Honor 5X has an impressive battery, but it's it enough to last you a full day? Is the lack of quick charge dragging you down? Let us know in the comments below!
    08-30-2016 11:02 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Quite excellent. Probably 6-8 hours SOT throughout the day. Idle battery life just sips very little.

    Lack of quick charge is disappointing but not surprising in the price range.

    Although... My moto g4 is cheaper and had quick charging.. But it felt much cheaper and also no fingerprint scanner on the base model. Guess it's just a give and take in the price range.
    08-30-2016 02:00 PM
  3. bwhick7492's Avatar
    My battery is great. Easily gets me through the day with 4 hours of screen on time and a smart watch connected to it.
    09-04-2016 01:20 AM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    I get 8 hours of use easily.
    More than adequate up-time.
    09-04-2016 01:51 AM
  5. PalakMi's Avatar
    Average of 5h heavy use, ( resurrection remix ROM)
    09-13-2016 05:27 AM
  6. Jcblack3310's Avatar
    4-6 hours of SOT is what I've gotten in the past.
    09-13-2016 02:59 PM
  7. HonorUSA_Noah's Avatar
    Battery consumption will depend on the user and how often they are on their phone. To save on battery life, here are a few steps you can take:

    - Power saving and cleaning up apps running in the background are the most basic requirements for power saving. If you want to further reduce power consumption and extend battery life, the following contents will be useful to you.
    - Screen is the NO.1 power consuming factor, and it's possible to reduce screen power consumption. Under Display, deactivate Auto-rotate screen to reduce the use of gravity sensor. At the same time, shorten the time for Sleep when there is no operation, and change Brightness to Automatic brightness will also reduce power consumption.
    - Protected apps and automatic startup upon being powered on can be set up according to your need and habit. Of course, more power will be saved if you have fewer protected apps.

    Hope that helps you guys save on battery life! (NS)
    10-06-2016 12:43 PM

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