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    I need to replace my mom's old smartphone with something more recent and better. She currently have a Samsung T399 from 2013 that's running on Jelly Bean. She only uses it to make calls and to social media on What's App, My goal is to replace her phone and her old point and shoot so that it reduced the number of item when she's out. I do have some questions:

    1. How long do you think we will have security updates. According to the site, we get 2 years of feature update and then we keep getting security update, but the length of this is not specified:

    Frankly, my mom will probably not care about new feature as long as her current phone work the way it did before. My concern is we would get some vulnerability in the next year or so and have to switch phones.

    2. Is there a Teamviewer quick support package for this phone. I do see a quick support Huawei in the play store, but do not know if it works with Honor 5x. The reason for this is because she lives far away from me and I currently fix her phone remotely using Teamviewer. I need to be able to continue to do this. This is one of the chief reasons why I haven't replace her current phone yet.

    3. Is there any bad side-effect to replacing the launcher with Nova. I currently setup Nova on her phone to lock down all of the icons, since she has a bad habit of moving them around by accident.

    03-12-2017 03:48 PM
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    I've assumed you're interested in the Honor 5X, although you only mention it once, so I'll move this thread to that forum. If I'm wrong, say.
    03-12-2017 05:05 PM
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    1. That's up to the manufacturer - at the time. If they say 24 months now, and change it in 18 months to 18 months, that's it, your updates are done.

    2. Any VNC app should work - if she's behind a router and you open the VNC port (usually 5900) - and you install the server end on her phone and the client on yours (or your computer).

    3. Not that I've ever found.
    03-12-2017 05:25 PM
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    Following up. The Teamviewer Host works fine with Honor 5x after you install the Huawei add-on. I imagine the Quick support would probably work, too. The difference between quick support and Host is that host is unattended while quick support requires the user to activate the QS for the other person to remote to the phone. I had install Host on my mom's phone because it would take her half and hour to figure out how to activate QS.

    The Nova launcher does work fine. However, changing the launcher does not change certain things like the lock screen. The other issue I encountered is that the screen widget don't update properly when the screen is unlocked. As a result, a clock widget may be grossly out of sync for example. This is apparently due to the underlying OS being overaggressive and killing off processes that the widget depend on. Apparently, this stuff is outside of the launcher (the lock screen, too).

    03-28-2017 10:23 PM

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