1. Sahil19's Avatar
    So I got my Honor 6X running EMUI 4.1 recently, and I was messing around with the settings. I accidently turned the magazine unlock (changing wallpapers) off by manually setting the lock screen and now I cannot find a way to turn it back on. I have tried:
    -Swiping up on the lock screen (just shows flashlight, SMS, etc)
    -Searching magazine unlock in settings
    -Going in the "Themes" app and pressing Customize>Lock Screen>Magazine unlock (but it just sets the default wallpaper)
    05-02-2017 07:38 PM
  2. Zaraki10's Avatar
    Hi Sahil19

    I had the same problem when the OS on my Hawei P8 updated to EMUI 4.1. At first I had the magazine unclock option but I somehow changed the lock screen style by mistake and couldn't get the magazine unclock again. Until I found this following solution. I think it may help you as well.

    EMUI 4.1 Magazine Unlock (Changing Wallpapers) Help-img_20170717_122510.jpg

    Now im not sure if you've got the exact same icons on the bottom since you've got an Honor but obviously Magazine controls aren't there for me anymore. According to the above pic, if you have a section that says "Change screen lock style". Go ahead and click that and it'll take you to the following screen

    EMUI 4.1 Magazine Unlock (Changing Wallpapers) Help-img_20170717_122602.jpg

    Now I know that it displays the normal Themes for us to choose from but notice that the first theme says Obsidian(Magazine). It turns out to be that EMUI 4.1 merges the magazine unlock option with one of the themes. Therefore you need to go ahead and select this screen lock style and select the "apply" option as shown on the next picture

    EMUI 4.1 Magazine Unlock (Changing Wallpapers) Help-img_20170717_122729.jpg

    Once this was applied, i found that the Magazine controls had once against returned as shown in the next screenshot

    EMUI 4.1 Magazine Unlock (Changing Wallpapers) Help-screenshot_2017-07-17-12-29-04.jpg

    I hope that carrying out these steps helps you recover the magazine unlock feature if you haven't already.
    07-17-2017 01:06 PM
  3. Petalinflames's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help and time. The solution worked perfectly for my honor 8.
    06-24-2018 04:11 AM

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