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    Hello experts,
    I recently bought “Honor 6x”. & I have just updated it to latest “Nougat” update.

    Till now, I was using ASUS fonepad. It had a very simple GUI and all the settings were also very simple and straight forward. But now, in nougat update, they have provided a little bit complexity.
    I want to turn on my “Data Saver” option. For this, I followed below steps:
    Settings -> Mobile Data -> Data saver -> Toggle it to ON

    But in this way, my Whatsapp stopped working. It only works if I open it. Means background process stopped.
    Even my phone is “ON”, but my Whatsapp stopped working.

    SOLUTION: Go to:
    Settings -> Mobile Data -> Data saver -> UNRESTRICTED DATA ACESS -> search Whatsapp and toggle it to ON.
    Problem solved. Either Whatsapp is currently running OR in background OR your phone is in SLEEP mode, Whatsapp will run smoothly.

    But I want that if my phone in ON, data connection should be ON, but if my phone is in SLEEP mode, my Data Connection should be terminated automatically.

    After searching, I found Power saving Mode.
    Settings -> Battery -> Power saving Mode -> Toggle it to “ON”

    Now, Whatsapp is running but Google account auto synchronization has been stopped.
    Now, my question is:

    1. “Is it possible that after toggling ON the Power Saving Mode, my Google account synchronization should work.”

    2. I also toggled the “KEEP WIFI ON DURING SLEEP” to OFF & “KEEP MOBILE DATA ON DURING SLEEP” to OFF, but my data connection is ON either I use WIFI or mobile data. How to turned data connection OFF. As soon as my mobile go to sleep mode.

    Anuj Rathi
    08-19-2017 07:59 PM

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