1. AC Question's Avatar
    when i was using my phone it stucked and the screen was running fast.after few seconds it turned off.then i again switched it on.again the same thing happened and now i can't switch it on.it displays only a white screen when i try turning on it.i want to get the pics saved to phone memory.i tried to connect it to my pc.but a message popped out saying that the device is not working.is there any way to get those pics?please help me.
    10-11-2015 10:17 AM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    The challenge is if you can't get the phone into any type of bootable or recovery mode it will be a challenge to get the data back. Here are a couple threads on similar challenges in recovering data on a dead phone.

    10-11-2015 10:56 AM

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