1. Ventzislav Popov's Avatar
    Hi people
    Hi , I bought a brand new Huawei X2 Honor , 7 inch ,32 GB, 3GB RAM, GOLD , from Ainol- novo - a website I buy second time now from - the first thing a bouth was mediapad m2 , 8 inch phablet - perfect condition , work as a lightning - I am so happy with it !!!
    Packaging and everything was perfect ....
    Until I powerd on the phablet!!!!
    Everitnig seems to work ok, until I want it to turn it in landscape mode!!!
    On PAGES landscape mode WON'T WORK!!!!
    Everywhere else landscape mode work normal
    Auto-rotate screen is turn ON!!!!
    I had nothing installd on the device!!!
    I did 3 times- the 3 different ways of factory reset!!!! NOTHING HELPT !!!!
    The google play was already installd
    Then I installd from google Play store the app -Screen Rotation Control.
    When I turn the auto mode of landscape mode, pages are now rotating.....,
    But the DOCK apps, one of which is Dialer and Contacts, are disappearing !!!
    It is only one app moving to the right side on the landscape mode screen!!! The rest are gone!!!
    Also now the layout of the pages in landscape mode is too low !!!
    The dots showing that number of pages are behind the bottom line of the page !!!
    It is clearly a defect in the software!!!! So - called BUG !!!!
    The phablet is on Android version 5.1.1
    Build number GEM- 703LV100R001C233 B109 - this is the last up to date update as we are 08/nov/ 2015 of today
    It was the same remaining problem with the 3 previous build numbers
    The last 3 build numbers I instal in a matter of couple of minutes .
    Each time I instal a new build number after minute or two it was a new one available !!!
    Then I uninstall the app and instal onother one - Rotation Locker -again rotate the home screen, but again with missing apps from it!!!! Again BUGS
    ANYONE please help
    Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day
    11-08-2015 05:37 AM
  2. Primo Petri's Avatar
    I have the same problem. Any progress?
    12-22-2016 03:10 PM

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