1. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Me too. depending on how they designed it
    Yesterday 05:21 PM
  2. ce_tx's Avatar
    I got my clear nillkin nature case today. It has good grip and feels good in the hand. It meets flush to the front of the phone, so there's no lip to protect the screen. Fits with tgsp on the front and back. Also, has dust plugs for the headphone jack and USB c port, if you're into that ... I didn't know it would have the dust plugs, might get annoying
    Just got one too. Had the Nature case on all of my Lumias and got some pretty decent protection out of them! The previous case I had for my Honor had ill-fitting dust plugs that I removed, but these seem to fit perfectly and I don't mind them.

    I think it does have a slight lip, as pictured below.

    Honor 8 cases-covers-accessories?-wp_20171121_06_46_58_pro.jpg
    Today 07:58 AM
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