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    They don't list actual sales numbers but regardless, they are expanding rapidly in France.

    English translation :
    "The subsidiary of Huawei specialist "digital natives" means outdo Samsung and Apple with its smartphones 400 euros. Bob Quin Yeh, Vice President of Honor returned to Europe LSA on branding.

    Previously the range of smartphones 300-400 euros was very restricted. Today, Honor France is growing rapidly in this price range. We realized 700% growth between 2014 and 2015, and again 700% growth since early 2016 in France. We wish to extend this market considerably. With our new smartphone, the Honor 8, we want to reach the largest number of consumers.

    On what does the success of Honor?

    Bob Quin Yeh, VP Europe of Honor
    Bob Ye Quin: This success is the target of Honor, we focus on the "digital natives", our customer community. More than a sales channel, e-commerce is a partner. Our philosophy is a quality product at an affordable price. Selling online allows us behind to provide better prices to our customers.

    Why Honor products will also be available in physics teaches?
    Bob Ye Quin: By being available only online, we do not touch any "digital natives", especially those who do their research online before heading in store. We launched a model O2O (online to offline) and our products are now available in physical stores, Darty and Bouygues. We carefully select our partners to provide the best possible in-store experience to our customers. This is a real cooperation and our employees have to play the game, understand the Honor brand, understand the business model, and believe. They must offer a true shopping experience.

    Are you planning to communicate via devices other than social networking?
    Bob Ye Quin: Online communication is our strength and this will never change. By contrast, the communication on television is always expensive. The profit we realize by not communicating on television, we réinjectons directly into our products because our priority is the consumer. If ever we were to communicate to other media, like television, it would be a very limited way, and to generate commitment. We communicate to generate consumer engagement, showing our closeness to him.

    How to Honor revolves compared to Huawei, the parent?
    Bob Ye Quin Huawei and Honor are two independent brands, there are 2 2 marketing teams and sales teams. Honor belongs to the entity Huawei Consumer Business Group. R & D is common to provide our customers with the best technology. This makes Honor a successful brand because we have 16 R & D centers and 74 000 people who work for us. We imagine our products for our target, we wonder what they expect. Everyone wants to be unique, different, having its own identity, the goal is to stand for the consumer to have a unique product in the hands."

    "Nous réalisons 700% de croissance en...
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