10-27-2016 07:11 PM
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  1. libra89's Avatar
    Updated yesterday. Still don't like auto brightness (to be fair, the only phone I ever had that did this well was my lumia 920). Haven't noticed any other issues.

    Actually, it reset my custom icons and launcher settings. Super annoying, why did it do that? Anyone else have that problem?
    Ahh that sounds annoying. I haven't noticed anything since I use the stock launcher and a custom font (which hasn't changed).
    10-18-2016 01:26 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    GPS has been knocked out with the update

    Even outside it isn't acquiring.

    Auto brightness is the same here.
    Turning it off then back on sends the screen to minimum bright level in any situation.
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    10-18-2016 01:37 PM
  3. dpham00's Avatar
    Oh wow. Did you try to restart the phone?
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    10-18-2016 02:23 PM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    GPS is back now...
    I completely shut the phone off and restarted it outside.

    Actually I was up on the roof checking for damage when everything came back full blast.

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    10-18-2016 02:31 PM
  5. dpham00's Avatar
    Glad that you got it working! I have had funky gps problems on other phones and a restart fixed it.
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    10-18-2016 03:42 PM
  6. James Falconer's Avatar
    That must be a relief!
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    10-18-2016 04:22 PM
  7. Rommco05's Avatar
    Still without upgrade i dont use auto brightness, but i wont upgrade...
    10-20-2016 03:16 PM
  8. dpham00's Avatar
    Still without upgrade i dont use auto brightness, but i wont upgrade...
    You mean you don't want to update or you are unable to update?
    10-20-2016 03:54 PM
  9. Rommco05's Avatar
    I still have not received the update but of course I expect when it comes
    10-20-2016 04:23 PM
  10. libra89's Avatar
    I still have not received the update but of course I expect when it comes
    It's probably rolling out in waves. The updates have always been delayed for some of us, but I'm not sure where you are in the world.
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    10-20-2016 04:33 PM
  11. Rommco05's Avatar
    in central europe
    10-20-2016 04:46 PM
  12. Rommco05's Avatar
    FRD-L09 still without update :/
    10-23-2016 06:02 PM
  13. James Falconer's Avatar
    @Rommco05 - any update yet?
    10-26-2016 02:48 PM
  14. Rommco05's Avatar
    While I received only one update (FRD-L09C432B120) ... but I think that will come.
    Perhaps it comes with nougat
    10-26-2016 03:07 PM
  15. Rommco05's Avatar
    New update-screenshot_2016-10-02-11-04-09.jpg
    10-27-2016 06:03 PM
  16. Rommco05's Avatar
    The first time I installed uptade hand (except the new Android) yet I feel that everything is working as it should. Update I found on XDA Forums.
    10-27-2016 06:07 PM
  17. Rommco05's Avatar
    What do you think of what could be the problem that I did not come automatically update? I did not buy the phone with any service provider, was purchased in cash. From now on I will have to manually install all updates? First came what I came automatically. Thanks for the help
    10-27-2016 06:10 PM
  18. Etyrnus's Avatar
    Mine is the US version, FRD-L04. Might be due to regional/version differences.
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    10-27-2016 06:34 PM
  19. Rommco05's Avatar
    new im find on xda
    10-27-2016 07:11 PM
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