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    Has anyone tried to do this?

    My Honor 8 is Stock ROM, unlocked and rooted, and running Android 6.0.

    I tried following the instructions on GorgiLabs from October 17, 2011, to no avail.

    The instructions above are useful for Android 2.3 and below, except that someone tried with a rooted Stock ROM 4.3 by replacing a file in /data/misc/bluedroid. I tried that also, again, no joy.

    I'd love to use my old TomTom remote while I'm driving. I believe once it is paired, I will be able to map the different keys. The problem is that Honor 8 recognized the device as a keyboard and asks me enter the pairing code, which of course I'm unable to enter on the TomTom Remote.

    Or more in general, has anyone tried to connect a Bluetooth device that requires a pairing code, but there is no way to type in the code from the device? Is there a work around?

    Any, and I mean any clues to solve this puzzle would be very much appreciated by me and all drivers I encounter on my daily commute.

    01-19-2017 11:25 PM

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