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    Hello. I have a few important apps that I'd like to keep running always. There is one application that won't stay running in the background, and I do not receive the notifications that are crucial unless the app window is open / in recently used applications.

    Phone is Honor 8, with Emui 4.1. Android 6.0. I have enabled auto launch for applications by PM Plus by Huawei.

    On Settings / Apps / App info / Notifications everything is enabled: "Allow notifications", "Priority Display". Notification methods are all enabled: "Status bar", "Banners", "Lock screen".
    On Settings / Apps / App info / Battery / Detailed power info / Settings: "Power intensive prompt" is off. "App auto-launch" is on. "Keep running after screen off" is on.

    On Settings / Advanced settings / Battery manager / Protected apps this application is Protected.
    On Phone Manager app / App auto-launch the settings for this app are "Launch in background". Some other apps have also "Launch with system, launch in background". (I don't know where I could enable this problem app to also "launch with system", but it doesn't seem to be a solution since I don't have to reboot my phone in order to stop getting notifications from this app.)

    On Settings / Developer options / Running services / Show cached processes there is a "cached background process" for this app while it's visibly running. It disappears immediately after I've closed the app, and there's nothing else running that'd be obviously related to the app.
    Attached Thumbnails Honor 8: How to keep an app from shutting down?-screenshot_2017-03-05-12-13-23.png   Honor 8: How to keep an app from shutting down?-screenshot_2017-03-05-12-13-09.png   Honor 8: How to keep an app from shutting down?-screenshot_2017-03-05-12-14-06.png   Honor 8: How to keep an app from shutting down?-screenshot_2017-03-05-12-14-33.png  
    03-05-2017 05:12 AM

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