1. ebrandwein's Avatar
    Anyone have one. I just ordered it. Hopefully it will work at least half as well as the seller claims
    04-26-2017 04:43 PM
  2. Morty2264's Avatar
    Hopefully someone has owned one who can help you out! When you get it, please tell us how you like it! Good luck!
    04-26-2017 05:45 PM
  3. Djlarocca's Avatar
    How did the battery case end up working out?
    05-30-2017 09:09 AM
  4. Dconn1975's Avatar
    Ditto that! I'd be curious coming from my Moto Z Play where I never had to charge my phone.
    05-30-2017 10:21 AM
  5. Dconn1975's Avatar
    What's the case look like. Anyone have a picture of it?
    06-01-2017 12:01 PM
  6. lumivalo's Avatar
    I think the thickness of it might interfere with NFC usage for things like Android Pay
    08-26-2017 08:56 AM

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