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    Hi, I have a problem with RAM management, or keeping an app running in the background to be more specific. I'm running stock EMUI 4.1.

    If I have too many apps opened and stored in RAM (like 5+ or so; such as fb, messenger, email, youtube, instagram, ...), it often causes restart of the apps while switching between these apps I have already opened and stored in RAM. Even if it shows I have 1,5 GB RAM free. What's the point in high RAM capacity in phones (3-6 GB thesedays) when even with that much RAM (and that much FREE RAM) the phone isn't able to hold them really "opened" in RAM all and the apps "reloads" (as if it was launched for the first time) when you try to recall/launch them (quickly, but still).

    It doesn't bother me that much generally, but only with one app - GPS tracking apps. After some time (maybe 1-2 hours) it always "drops" the app from RAM (it's still in recent apps though) therefore deleting my existing workout and tracked route. It's annoying. And yes I have the tracking apps selected in "protected apps". It happens still. Once I rebooted the phone, cleared apps stored in RAM so the only app running was Runkeeper. I went cycling and after some time (1-2 hours) I stopped, took the phone out of pocket, turned the display on, clicked on the GPS tracking app and it started to reopen/reload itself and once it reopens -> no trace of my existing workout, everything was gone. All of that with ~2.2 GB of free RAM.

    What good does 2.2 GB of "free RAM" do when the phone isn't able to keep the only running app in the background for few hours? I tried many GPS tracking apps, happens always. It didn't happen with my Moto G (1st gen.; 2013) with 1 GB of RAM, but it happens with a lot newer and better phone with 4 GB of RAM?

    Any tips for that, anyone? Please?
    06-01-2017 05:57 AM
  2. Dconn1975's Avatar
    I'm sorry that is happening man. I would be irritated like no tomorrow had I biked two hours thinking I was tracking and to find out nothing. For some reason I still may think it's the app shutting itself down once a certain time has lapsed. I've had similar if I didn't keep it on the the work out screen it would eventually shut itself down for I suppose non useage it thinks. Have you tried the honor fitness app yet? I know mine runs non stop has it tracks my steps through the entire day. Never shuts down. Try that app and see just see if it remains active for testing purposes as you may not like the app. It will rule out why some are shutting down if it doesn't. The other thing I think of is you're running 4.1 still and if you updated to ,5.0 it may change and fix your entire problem. I personally was against 5.0 but to be honest it's not really that much different than 4.1 but very very minor changes. I bet that plays a role. They both of those and let me know and I'll try and help you the best I can.
    06-01-2017 11:45 AM

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