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    After winning the contest held by Honor Club India, I got an opportunity to experience the event live in Shenzhen, China. This post is all about the launch coverage of Honor magic phone.

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-1_1.jpg

    Event started around 2 PM China time (11.30 AM India Time) and the fans were excited to the fullest. We met fans from many colleges, universities and many other people at the Hotel and the event hall.

    Registration counter at the event- Only for media and few fans as almost all fans were already enrolled in hotel.
    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-2.jpg

    Small bunch of people (less than 2% of what we had in actual launch hall)

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-1.jpg

    Just before the event was started....empty chairs but there were none after all fans and media person entered. We had massive crowd, fans and media persons during the launch and was a mega hit.

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-3.jpg

    Some gathering but only 1/3rd here as event was not yet started (panorama effect)

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-4.jpg

    Entire event was presented and Phone was launched by Honor Global President, Mr. George Zhao.

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-1-2.jpg

    Phone design and everything is just awesome but many of you may feel the cost of the phone is little bit on higher side but trust me that justify the phone design and features.

    Phone runs on Android 6.0 out of the box with screen resolution of 1440X2560 and 5.2 inch display, powered by Octa core HiSilicon Kirin 950 processor. Phone is packed with a massive 4 GB RAM coupled with 64 GB internal memory. Phone display looks stunning and design is somewhat reworked and looks really stylish. Phone feels extremely premium with glossy finish and is curvy so fits the palm well and is very sleek.

    Phone also supports fast charging with USB type C port.

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-5.jpg

    Phone is priced at 3699 RMB and is available on Tmall.com, vmall.com JD.com and suning.com

    The Magic unveiled - Honor magic-6.jpg
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    12-22-2016 02:17 AM
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    Very cool! I wonder if/when the Magic is coming to North America??
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    12-23-2016 09:42 AM
  3. shashank1320's Avatar
    Very cool! I wonder if/when the Magic is coming to North America??
    nothing on such plan disclosed yet James, as soon as get info, I will share but seems you will info prior to me.
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    12-24-2016 07:29 AM
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    unfortunately i've just got honor 8 before i know magic....
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    01-23-2017 12:26 AM
  5. zocster's Avatar
    Cool coverage
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    01-23-2017 12:37 AM
  6. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Did this phone ever took off ? How many did they sell
    09-19-2017 05:49 AM
  7. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Guess it never took off
    12-01-2017 03:51 AM

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